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The Company


Founded in December 1999 and hosted in Brazil's heart – the Rio de Janeiro city – R. Trade operates in the food industry offering representation and consulting services in the foreign trade market. The company is consolidated in both national and foreign markets with long term partnerships, which we believe is the right path for the permanent growth of the commercial activities between companies. Diversify products and seek on high volumes is our focus; this goal makes the company grow annually and solidify its path of success.


RTrade is also highly concerned with quality standards. We work on adjusting export companies so they fit in the CODEX (foods' code) international trade practices, and in the ANVISA's (National Health Surveillance Agency) ISO 9000 and ISO 2000 standards. Therefore, we only work with partners in compliance with national and international standards.


In its operations, the company requires export quality guarantees from its suppliers so the products offered reaches a standard of excellence. RTrade's procedures include the send of samples and pictures of the products, and contact of our regular customers. Our main goal is to earn the customer's trust. Punctuality in delivery, responsibility with customers and partners and also honesty and integrity in the relationship with our importers and suppliers is what makes of this company a great agent in the trade sector.


Currently, the company operates with approximately a volume of 7,000 tons / year of olive; 2,000 ton / year of olive oil; and 1,000 tons / year of caper, besides other products.




Managed by Ricardo Teixeira Leal, the company is hosted at Barra da Tijuca, one of the most developed regions of the Rio de Janeiro city.


Acting with consulting and representation in international operations and finance for 17 years, RTrade nowadays have a well-trained team, focused on serve and representing large companies, with deep knowledge of the legal and commercial operations of the international trade. Our team also participates in national and international food fairs and visit several plants and factories in many countries, in order to evaluate production's quality and capacity for the development of potential commercial partnerships, which is crucial in a competitive market.